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Since 2006, Arrow’s passion and energy has provided an edge to Financial Advisors, assisting them in exceeding their clients’ investment objectives and differentiating their practice. Arrow focuses on crafting sophisticated investment strategies that complement traditional portfolios solving investment issues such as income, performance, risk, volatility and correlation.

Institutional Solutions for Advisors and their Clients.

  • Identify compelling investment opportunities not found in mainstream ETFs and Mutual Funds
  • Offer sophisticated, targeted investment solutions
  • Consistent Thought Leaders addressing critical issues affecting advisors and their clients
  • Develop programs, materials and tools that speak directly to advisor needs

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We believe that Advisors do not need another slice of the equity market, another aggregated bond portfolio or any other basic product that their clients can find in a robo-environment or do-it-yourself solutions.

We have invested years into studying traditional portfolios, testing them in today’s markets and anticipating market variations. It is with this lens that we design sophisticated solutions to some of today’s most important investment challenges.

In 2017, we are focused on yield to deliver current income. We invite you to read our investment guide and explore our offerings. The need for current income is constant. Interest rates and market environments are not. Let’s resolve this for your clients together.



Arrow is both an ETF and Mutual Fund Company. There are times where more active management is required and efficiency is gained in the mutual fund structure.


Many advisors realize that their largest accounts are concentrated with some of their more mature clients. Their needs are evolving from growth to income. Additionally, with the equity markets breaching their 2007 highs, many seasoned clients are seeking to take some equity risk off the table and migrate to more income-producing investments.

This increased demand for yield strategies in a persistently low interest rate environment has justifiably led to a more sophisticated and evolved view of investment options.

The Arrow Dynamic Income Fund (ASFNX) uses a quantitative methodology that relies on micro and macro trends in the U.S. Treasury, credit and high yield markets that dynamically determine fund holdings. Over time, the Arrow Dynamic Income Fund aims to achieve returns in most market environments, low volatility and low correlations to both fixed income and equity markets, making it an attractive portfolio diversifier.



Arrow offers a best in class managed futures strategy that enables advisors to hedge equity market risk without giving up long-term capital appreciation with compounded growth. This strategy has historically delivered higher volatility and higher returns. It provides the potential to reduce overall portfolio volatility and simultaneously increase returns when added to a diversified portfolio due to its low correlation to stocks and bonds.

The Arrow Managed Futures Strategy Fund (MFTNX) offers exposure to the DUNN World Monetary & Agriculture (WMA) Program. DUNN Capital is one of the most experienced and well-pedigreed CTA's in the business. The firm started managing money in the 70's and has been managing the DUNN WMA Program for over 30 years in an LP and separate account structure. The DUNN WMA Program has delivered 13.96% annualized returns since inception (November 1984) through the end of December 2017.

MFTNX seeks long-term capital appreciation and to achieve absolute returns. This is a high quality, sophisticated liquid replacement to typically illiquid private placements and CTA Funds.


Investment Guide

We have written this investment guide to illustrate our approach to addressing the sophisticated needs of today’s demanding clients and their requirements for both income and growth.

In our guide, we walk you through our two funds, highlighting their unique characteristics, strong performance and low correlation to traditional stocks and bonds. We will demonstrate, even with a small allocation, how these funds can differentiate your practice and assist you in achieving your goals for your clients.

We thoroughly cover our investment process aimed at delivering above market current income and long-term capital appreciation in highly liquid investment strategies.



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